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Kingsland Wines and Spirits

Over the last decade independent wine supplier Kingsland Wines and Spirits has seen an enormous growth in production, doubling its output of 34 million litres in 2002 to 73 million litres in 2010.

Kingsland is a great example of a growing company embedded within Manchester City Region benefiting from the development of the region and its infrastructure to support its growing business.

The Irlam based company has been involved in the bottling of wines and spirits since the 1960s and now has an annual turnover of £151 million. Kingsland supplies leading retailers, wholesalers and airlines, including Etihad . The total business now accounts for one out of every 15 bottles of wine consumed in the UK.

Originally owned by The Co-operative Group, Kingsland became a privately-owned company in 1994. Its production site in Salford employs over 300 staff, covers just over 18 acres and provides excellent access to market with the company benefiting from being in close proximity to key clients including The Co-operative, Tesco, Booths, NISA and Spar.

Kingsland takes full advantage of Manchester City Region’s central position within the UK and its excellent transport network to aid distribution and enable ready access to a demanding customer base.

“With Manchester Ship Canal on our doorstep and being just 10 minutes from the M6 and 20 minutes from the airport means our deliveries and international clients can reach us with ease while our products are within easy reach of our retail partners,” said Michael Forde, Supply Chain Director

The region’s infrastructure is a major draw for the area and supports the operations of leading global food and drink manufacturers such as Heineken, Kellogg’s, Heinz and Unilever.

Kingsland is one of the most environmentally-aware companies in its sector. As well as kick-starting the revival of the Manchester Ship Canal, Kingsland has developed the world’s lightest screw-cap wine bottle. Two developments which helped it secure the Green Award at the prestigious Salford Business Awards in 2009. The award recognises businesses that show significant environmental improvements in relation to its product and practices.

In October 2007, Kingsland worked with leading UK retailer Tesco to become the first supermarket chain to start transporting goods by canal with the launch of a barge container shuttle service. Wine from ‘new world’ wine-producing countries like South Africa, Australia and California is transported from the Port of Liverpool to the Salford site via the Manchester Ship Canal on a regular barge. In the past, these wines would have been shipped to a port in the South of England and then delivered by road to Manchester. Because of this, a significant number of lorry movements have been taken off the road per week.

Kingsland also hopes to take further advantage of the ship canal through a new multi-modal freight terminal initiative, Port Salford, which will enhance the use of the excellent infrastructure by combining sea, land and rail facilities by offering a full range of freight options at one integrated facility.

This development will further enhance the region’s potential for international trade and its use as an environmentally friendly alternative to road haulage.

Kingsland went on to strengthen its green credentials by working with a local glass manufacturer to develop the world’s lightest screw-cap bottle which launched in January 2010. The bottle weighs 300g compared to the standard wine bottle weight of 420g and as a result, 4,000 tonnes of glass have been taken out of the supply chain.

Kingsland’s sustainable attitude is paying off as the company is still growing.

“Salford is a great place to operate a business and the quality of our staff is testament to the skill-set available in the area. We are in an excellent location here where we plan to grow. The next few years will hold exciting developments for Kingsland,” said Andy Sagar, Managing Director

The Northwest is the largest food and drink producing region in England and Wales, yielding a Gross Value Added (GVA) totalling £9.5 billion and employing over 450,000 people. Manchester City Region has established a strong tradition in the sector, with over 400 businesses employing 26,000-plus people and producing a turnover in excess of £900 million.

Source: Kingsland Wines and Spirits

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