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4net Technologies Workplace 3.0 – Redefining the World of Work

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Technology, culture and location are transforming where and how people work. Today’s employees are taking control of their working lives; from choosing where, when and how they work to choosing the devices and technologies they work with.

Work is no longer a place to go but something you do. Travel and traditional working patterns will no longer be the norm as people move to virtual meetings, collaboration and less restrictive working practices.

Businesses that embrace this change will be able to reap the benefits of cost savings and productivity with overheads such as real estate becoming a thing of the past and the ability to scale up or down with virtual teams a reality.

The Workplace 3.0 event will show you how communications technology can help your employees to become more efficient, make more informed decisions, provide a faster response to customers and above all help your business outperform the competition.

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