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Antenna – Current TV Landscape

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Date- 22 October 2015

Start Time: 9:30

End Time: 13:30

Location: iBurbia@MediaCity, Pod 26, The Greenhouse, MediaCityUK, Salford, Manchester, M50 2EQ


The ‘Current TV Landscape’ sessions are designed to introduce participants to the major issues driving the development of the UK TV industry. They provide an opportunity to examine every major TV device, system and interface in the market and question their potential impact on our market.

Taking place at the unique iBurbia MediaCity, which is the ONLY place in the UK where you access every UK digital TV set top box, Smart TV screen and second-screen system currently disrupting the UK television market. Current TV Landscape workshop will make full use of these live services and will explore:

  • The Set Top Box as the most powerful piece of TV technology: As we witness the gradual arrival of the ‘whole-home TV platform’ who is best placed to command control, and what role is there for the humble PVR in this space?
  • Netflix has arrived on Virgin’s TiVo box, boosting Virgin’s on demand library by 6,000 hours. What are the motivations behind this partnership and is the consumer experience improved?
  • The Xbox One and Playstation 4 are here – Are the next generation games consoles from Sony and Microsoft likely to alter the TV landscape?
  • What can we expect from Sky’s NowTV in the long term – Will its strong content proposition offer more value than that offered by Netflix and Lovefilm? Or is it a risky indulgence from the UK’s largest pay TV platform?
  • YouView and Freesat freetime bring full catch-up TV and new functionality to free-TV; are they good enough to challenge pay?
  • We evaluate Google’s Chromecast and other in-home streaming initiatives

They are a joint venture between media consultancy Decipher and iBurbia Studios. They are a unique opportunity to keep up to date with the fast moving changes in the TV industry and are based on the principle that you have to see and interact with new TV propositions and services to understand them.

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The half day workshop costs £150 with a full days ticket (including a second workshop New TV Advertising 14:00-17:30) costing £250

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