Big Data Road Show 2013 - MIDAS

Big Data Road Show 2013

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Join the Roadshow team for an afternoon filled with pioneers and early adopters in Big Data!

15 North American companies share their knowledge of and insights on how harnessing, managing, securing and analysing the ever-increasing amounts of data can give companies a distinct competitive advantage.

What is Big Data?

One of the most common definitions centres around the three V’s: VolumeVariety, and Velocity.

The real Big Data Revolution is not just about the amount and variety of data that has to be processed, but is about a change of mindset on how data gets used in your organization.

  •  Store. Can you capture and store your data?
  • -Process. Can you analyse, cleanse, and enrich the data?
  • Access. Can you search, retrieve, integrate, and visualize the data?

From the organizers of Disrupting Europe and the FinTech Road Show, the Big Data Road Show is a unique event for entrepreneurs, investors and companies that are eager to know how harnessing, managing, securing and analyzing the ever-increasing amounts of data can give them a competitive edge.

Numerous companies at the forefront of North American technology present themselves, provide insights and look to share experiences with European audiences, partners, investors and founding customers.

European technology hubs showcase their vibrant start-up environment, their unique ecosystems for technology companies and put themselves on the map both as a destination for Trans-Atlantic business expansion as well as a gateway to European market development.

For a discounted conference pass, register at with the promotional code ‘MIDAS’.