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Current TV Landscape

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2016 promises to be a busy and significant year for the UK TV industry: new set-top boxes (Sky Q), new entrants (Vodafone), and new questions (where next for Amazon and Netflix?).

Sweeping across the latest developments in the pay TV, free-to-air TV, SVOD and wider online video markets, let Decipher lead you through the emerging UK TV landscape in this interactive, half-day session.

Who is it for?

  • Strategy and product development teams
  • Market intelligence, insight and research teams
  • Programme commissioners, planners, schedulers and catalogue managers
  • Distribution and carriage teams
  • Ad sales teams
  • Legal and policy teams
  • Digital content and second screen (or companion app) teams

Past attendees have included delegates from broadcasters, platforms, aggregators, content owners, film studios and production companies – both from the UK and abroad.

Content and outline structure

  • What does the arrival of Sky Q, Sky’s new “pay premium” service, mean for the UK TV landscape?
  • How and why are the pay platforms seeking whole-home connectivity?
  • As IP (delivery over internet networks) evolves across devices, what does this mean for broadcasters, platforms, and viewers?
  • With the launch of Freeview Play, the next-generation Freeview service, where next for the free-to-air platforms?
  • “Challenger” streaming devices (e.g. Apple TV) and services (e.g. Netflix and Amazon Instant Video): who, what and how disruptive?

Benefits of attending

  • Keep abreast of the latest industry research, from a variety of sources
  • Get to grips with the latest strategic thinking from across the industry
  • Tune in to Decipher’s latest thinking on the evolution of the UK TV landscape
  • An opportunity to get “hands on” with the latest in TV, video and consumer technology
  • A chance to meet and network with fellow professionals

Price and related sessions

One ticket for the half-day Current TV Landscape session costs £150 per person.  A full-day ticket, which includes the afternoon New TV Advertising interactive session, is available for a discounted rate of £250 per person.

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Further information

For further information about this or any part of Decipher’s Antenna Programme, or indeed about bespoke sessions Decipher could host for you or your organisation, please contact Matt Walters by phone on 020 8747 4590 or by e-mail at