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EON Experience Workshop Invitation

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Industry heavy weights, 3D experts, virtual reality gurus, researchers, and academic authorities from around the world will guide you through two exciting days of presentations, hands-on Virtual Reality technology demonstration, and a first-hand look at EON’s flagship Entrepreneur School.

Over the last 15 years, thousands of participants, from over 30 countries, have attended EON Reality’s Virtual Reality seminars in more than a dozen locations around the world.

Hands-on demonstrations and labs at EON Experience Workshop 2014 will provide unparalleled opportunities for you to test drive the latest virtual and augmented reality technologies and exchange ideas with global VR experts. Explore how interactive and immersive 3D technologies can help your organization increase sales, better communicate product functionality, improve user training, lower costs, and more.

EON Reality’s Manchester Interactive Digital Center serves as EON’s European Headquarters and its state of the art Virtual Reality technology, development lab, and artistic resources help meet the growing demands for Interactive Digital Media in Europe and beyond.

Register online today http://www.eonreality.com/events/eon-experience-workshop-manchester-uk/

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