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Winning More Business: Exploiting Opportunities for low carbon technology and service providers

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With energy prices continuing to dominate the media and political debates, questions are being asked about how we can tackle the ongoing economic and social impacts of rising energy costs. As a result, the UK energy landscape changing rapidly as Government and industry try to meet this ongoing challenge. This is undoubtedly creating opportunities for businesses with the skills and know-how to provide the technologies and services needed to address the energy challenge. This has resulted a boom of new innovative technologies and companies supplying low carbon technologies and services.

The Low Carbon and Environmental Goods and Service (LCEGS) Sector has seen rapid growth over recent years through very difficult economic times. According to Department of Business Innovation Skills (BIS) the LCEGS sector growth rate was 4.8% in 2011/12 and is predicted to rise to 5.9% by 2015/16. Furthermore BIS figures highlight the North West has the highest sales growth rate in the UK with a 5.7% growth rate in 2011/12.

In the UK very few sectors that can claim such growth rates and for those businesses already in this sector it highlights a strong, and positive outlook. For organisations looking to capitalise on this large and growing market it is essential to understand the policy and market force that underpin the sector.

This event will give organizations supplying low carbon, energy efficient and renewable technologies the information they need to grow and thrive in the sector.

Key topics covered include:

  • Government policy and initiatives – A review of Government policy that impacts the sector
  • Greater Manchester? A local perspective – A local view on what is happening in the low carbon sector in Greater Manchester
  • Understanding the low carbon supply chain
  • Collaboration and innovation – supporting new low carbon technologies
  • Supporting  SMEs to grow – local business support
  • The importance of a low carbon market strategy
  • Supply chain company cases studies – an SME’s experience

This is a must attend event if you are a Greater Manchester based SME, looking to grow your organization, win more business or considering diversifying in to the low carbon and environmental goods and service sector.

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This event will give Greater Manchester SMEs:

  • An insight in to Government policy and local initiatives and how this is impacting the sector
  • A view on where current and future market opportunities exist
  • A better understanding of the technical challenges for the sector
  • A perspective of supply chain issues and latest developments
  • The opportunity to hear what business support is available
  • An opportunity to network with like minded organisations

Target Audience

This event is aimed at SME’s based in the Greater Manchester area that offer a low carbon, energy efficient or renewable technology or service including:

  • Environmental technologies
  • EMS
  • Carbon reduction
  • Waste management
  • Micro-generation
  • Renewable technologies
  • Energy efficiency

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