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Graphene Supply, Application & Commercialisation 2014

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Graphene Supply, Application & Commercialisation 2014 follows the huge success of the 2013 summits in London and California, which gained industry recognition for their delivery of commercial success stories, from tennis rackets to filters. This year the event has partnered for the first time with University of Manchester, the birthplace of graphene, with leaders from industry, research and academia coming together at the global hub for its development to ensure progress is driven by both scientific and commercial forces.

Graphene Supply, Application & Commercialisation 2014 is focused upon making commercial scale graphene application an industrial reality through the delivery of 20+ exclusive case studies over two days, covering:

  • APPLICATION PROGRESS LANDMARKS: Revealing the status of the very latest breakthrough graphene applications in electronics, aerospace, energy storage,sensors, coatings and biomedical applications
  • QUALITY: Delivering reliable production methods of high, uniform quality and unique material properties to meet requirements for different commercial applications
  • SUPPLY SCALABILITY: Hearing how leading producers are planning to supply graphene at the right quality, quantity and cost to make mass application commercially feasible using CVD and exfoliation
  • PROCESSABILITY: Examining success stories on integration with manufacturing equipment to enable affordable characterisation and tailoring of properties
  • INTEGRATION: Leveraging defect engineering, optimising substrate choices and integrating graphene with manufacturing processes to practically bridge the gap between production and commercialisation
  • INVESTORS: Determining commercial expectations in regards to graphene applications to assess what investors need from the science community to justify further commitment
  • OTHER 2D MATERIALS: Analysing the role of other 2D materials alongside or as a replacement of graphene to optimise material selection for each application

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