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HIMSS Insights – Manchester

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NHS England and its partners have set out a bold framework within which commissioners will need to work with providers and partners in local government to develop strong, robust and ambitious five year plans to secure sustainable high quality care for all.

This calls for local ambitions to be stretched to focus on outcomes, more integration between providers and commissioners and better integration with social care. These plans must address the financial gap – doing nothing is not an option.

Health Insights are free to attend, CPD accredited, regional one day events where you will hear from the people who are setting the direction and meeting these challenges on the ground. The series aims to diffuse innovation across the country and provide you with the tools and knowledge to apply the second you get back to work.

Speakers include:

- Neil Calland, Senior Programme Manager, Digital Technology NHS England
- Susan Aitkenhead, Head of Nursing NHS England
- Inderjit Singh, Head of Enterprise Architecture, NHS England

For more information visit: www.healthinsights.co.uk/events/manchester