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How to use Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter to Recruit

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This course has been designed to keep your recruiters ahead of the game, and enable them to make the most of the most popular social media technologies.

It is a practical and detailed training course detailing how to use Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter to recruit. Attendees are introduced to a step-by-step recruitment methodology using these tools. You will be shown how to post jobs, search for passive candidates and build your talent pool.

Who Is This Training For?
This training is aimed at HR, recruitment and resourcing professionals who want to learn how to use tools such as LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter to recruit.

What Is The Objective Of The Training?
This training has been designed to show HR, recruitment and resourcing professionals how to use LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter effectively and efficiently to reduce their recruit costs, time to hire and dependency on recruitment
agencies and print media advertising.

What Will I Learn During The Training?
During the training course you will learn how to:
• Setup and manage your LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter accounts in the most effective and coordinated way
• Use LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter to support and build your Employer Brand
• Market roles and identify passive candidates using LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter
• Build a Talent Pool of candidates using LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter

Omni will also:
• Introduce you to some key productivity tools to help you manage your time
• Discuss which tools are most suitable for sourcing specific skills

At the end of the training course you will know how to effectively and efficiently recruit top talent using these tools and as a result reduce your dependency on agencies and print media advertising.

How Is The Training Structured?
The training is combination of presentations streamed live using social media and practical

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If you require any further information, please contact Stuart Jones:
T: 0161 929 4343