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Innovating for Growth

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Greater Manchester is emerging from the recent recession as the economic powerhouse of the North West.

However, the environment remains fiercely competitive and long term sustainable success will only be achieved by companies that innovate to develop new products and novel ways of doing business in order to create new opportunities for  growth and profitability.

With this in mind, the University of Salford is organising a free breakfast eventInnovating for Growth, on two dates: Thursday, 28th August & Tuesday, 9th September, 2014, 7.45am – 9.00am.

The event will be providing clarity and croissants.  Clarity on what innovation can do for your businesses and croissants as part of the free breakfast we will be serving at the event.

The target delegates for the event are directors and senior managers of Greater Manchester companies interested in learning more about how innovation can be embedded in businesses to boost their bottom line.

At the event, an experienced speaker will present an overview of the evidence for the financial advantages of business innovation and provide an in-depth analysis of the different strategies that can be used to embed innovation in your organisation.

John Davies, Professor of Quality Management and Business Development at the University of Salford, will be speaking at the Thursday, 28th August event. Dr Kurt Allman, Associate Dean Enterprise & Engagement at the University of Salford, will be speaking at the Tuesday, 9th September event.

The event will also be an opportunity for senior business individuals from the Greater Manchester area to network and form new relationships.

You can secure your free place now by visiting  this link, where more information on the event is available.