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International Sport Business Congress

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International Sport Business Congress is a brand new event designed to bring together senior figures from these diverse backgrounds to share ideas, forge new relationships and unlock the commercial and social power of sport. Inspiring presentations, focussed networking and meaningful debate from some of the most influential figures in the worlds of media, brand, cities and sport.

DAY ONE: BT Convention Centre, Liverpool – “Brands, Cities and Sport”
The delegate audience includes international delegations from sporting cities, from the UK and around the world bringing a combination of key sports clubs, city government and brands and companies. Partner and commercial staff from professional services including, accountancy, law, insurance, PR, and advertising.

Additional attendees are local and national figures from sports rights holders, sporting clubs, cities and brands that wish to utilise the power of sport to engage with its citizens and consumers.

DAY TWO: Etihad City of Manchester Stadium, Manchester – “Cities, Impacts, Franchise Values, Science and Sport”
The delegate audience will be sports and business academics, local, regional and national economists and sports advisors, rights holders, researchers and analysts from professional services including accountants, lawyers, and insurance brokers.

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