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Manchester To Host Its First Ever Global GovJam

2014-06-03T00:00:00+00:00 2014-06-05T00:00:00+00:00 TechHub, Manchester

Following the worldwide success of the Manchester Service Jam, atLarge, Inc. will be hosting Manchester GovJam, an event exclusive to members of the public and government sector.

Founded on Service Design principles, the GovJam, the very first event of its kind in Manchester, brings together a global network of people that simply want to understand how to create better services for their service users. Whether that’s in the classroom, in a board meeting or interactions with everyday constituents, the GovJam will teach you how to better understand constituent, student or taxpayer personas, how to engage with them via online and offline channels and to learn how to collaboratively iterate your strategies so they are valuable for both your department and its user.

Manchester GovJam will give government and public sector professionals the opportunity to exchange techniques, insights and ideas with colleagues, whilst working on concrete projects addressing key issues inspired by a common public sector theme. Using this theme, teams will have fewer than 48 hours to develop and prototype completely new services inspired by the principles of Service Design. At the end of the two days, these ideas become concrete designs and plans of action that are published for the world to see.

Manchester GovJam offers the chance to connect with Service Designers locally and globally, and the opportunity to continue the conversation in a global network of thought leaders and organisations that are recognised as experts around the world.

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