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Mobile Health Challenges: Connecting Anywhere, Anytime

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A Franco-British Business Conference at the Residence of the British Ambassador in Paris.

Taking advantage of today’s cutting-edge ever-evolving mobile technology to ensure best quality healthcare and accessibility to all, anywhere and anytime, the UK Trade & Investment France has announced that the 2013 Mobile Health event, will take place on March 21st, at the British Ambassador’s Residence in Paris.

This Franco-British Business Conference on the provision of care remotely through mobile and wireless technologies will offer attendees comprehensive market insight on mobile technologies in the healthcare industry both in the UK and in France.

It will enable participants to identify new business opportunities, look at impact of government policies on business decisions, meet face-to-face with key partners and maintain a competitive edge in this dynamic industry.

The conference program will include both French and UK keynote speakers devoted to providing vital information on technologies and policies driving the mobile and wireless healthcare sector.

Themes will include EU vision on mobility for healthcare, UK technology offerings, research, policy and strategies to advance mobility in healthcare.

Participation fees:  £780 Ex-VAT per company.
Contact for more information or phone on 000472629964/000685806190.