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Northwest Health Hack

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North West Health Hack, the first event of this type in Greater Manchester, aims to shake up ideas and innovation to benefit the UK healthcare industry.

eHealth solutions are becoming one of the fastest growing sources of technology development to sustain the multi-billion pound UK healthcare industry in the 21st century. Meet and work with people with the skills and experience from the healthcare and technology industries; all with a common goal of wanting to make a lasting difference.

The event is open to developers, designers, clinicians, healthcare professionals, marketers, project managers, researchers and coders.

Whether you’re a regular ‘hacker’ or this is your first coding event, North West Health Hack will give you access to the people and experience that can help you develop and promote your ideas in super-quick time. In less than 36 hours, North West Health Hack will be your opportunity to bring to life new or existing ideas. North West Health Hack is open to everyone, regardless of how developed your idea may be. Get involved to;

  • Access experts and mentors to help you to mature a concept you already have
  • Find a team to help you to bring your idea to life
  • Be part of a winning team and help to solution a great idea

The event will be fast-paced and reward creativity, innovation and value for healthcare patients, users, or employees. Demand for a place at this FREE event is already high – click here to find out more and  register and reserve you place.