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Raise Your Game At Work – Task Orientation

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Regardless of whether they are about getting a job done at work or multi-million pound contracts, people report their negotiations as adversarial and difficult.  They frequently lead to bad feelings and often fail to deliver the best possible decision.

During this seminar you will be introduced to Task Orientation which offers a fundamentally different mind-set and a set of practical skills for business conversations.  The approach provides answers to many of the commercial and organisational questions that we face today and leads to intelligent decision-making, sustainable use of resources and increased profitability.

This seminar is relevant to anyone involved in business conversations at any level.

Virgin Moneys Raise Your Game At Work series of events will introduce some of the progressive business skills that you can use every single day at work.  They are relevant to business leaders and managers from small to medium sized enterprises to global corporations who are looking for new ideas about how to improve the way they engage employees, and work with customers, suppliers and business partners.

The seminar will last two hours and includes 30 minutes at the end for networking and refreshments.

There are a limited number of spaces available to attend the seminar, contact the Virgin Money Lounge to reserve your place on 0161 832 8259.

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