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Copernicus Consulting

Copernicus Consulting is a Manchester based International Business Consultancy who specialise in helping businesses start to trade in new markets. We have worked with many overseas businesses from around the world who wish to expand into the UK market. Our services range from Market Research into regulation, clients, competitors, pricing, routes to market etc, through to producing a full market entry plan through to helping our clients recruit suitable clients or distributors to get an initial foothold in the UK. Our services are flexible and can be tailored to the requirements of our clients and can take the form of a short 90 day project or an on-going relationship in which we work together for a number of years.

Our Connecting Markets service is aimed at having overseas businesses up and running with either their first clients or a distribution agreement in place in as little as 90 days. Copernicus recognises that success in a new market is often dependent on getting traction quickly and our services are designed around getting that first order and then building on it.

Copernicus Consulting works across all market sectors and recent projects have included a Gift Manufacturer from Australia, an IT company from India, Textile companies from Mauritius, Drinks manufacturer from Russia, Specialist Aluminium Fabricator from France and a software company from the USA. Copernicus has specialised Consultants who are experienced all major business sectors and also most major overseas markets who trade with the UK.

Copernicus are happy to offer any business looking to expand into Manchester a free days consultation which will enable us to provide them with an overview of the UK market in their particular sector and an action plan of what they need to do to succeed in the UK.


Contact: Ian Sellman


Phone: +44(0)161 955  3681