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Big Chip 10th Anniversary Awards in 2008: Bigger, Better, Greener

18 December, 2007 – Big Chip 10th Anniversary Awards in 2008: Bigger, Better, Greener

The Big Chip Awards for North West companies excelling in the use of IT and digital technology are back in a landmark year that celebrates a decade of digital performance and the 60th anniversary of the very first computer, designed and built in Manchester.

In celebration of its 10th anniversary, the awards will be bigger and better with new categories more accurately reflecting the changing digital landscape, including for the first time, a ‘green’ award for technology designed to help protect the environment.

Awards organiser Manchester Digital is inviting companies from all sectors across the North West to submit their entries for the 2008 awards.

The call for entries is to digital sector companies and all businesses, creative agencies and organisations which have undertaken digital initiatives in the past year – everything from a company website to digital marketing.

The awards will hold particular significance this year, recognising the growth of the IT industry in the North West ever since Manchester produced the world’s first stored program computer or ‘baby’ as it was known, 60 years ago.

Reflecting the growing importance of sustainability and environment, the new ‘Big Green Chip Award’ will recognise outstanding use of digital technology that has directly or indirectly helped improve or preserve the environment, or that has achieved its goals in a sustainable way. The awards also boast sub-regional categories for Cumbria, Greater Manchester, Merseyside, Lancashire and Cheshire & Warrington.

The new ‘Best Application of Technology’ award recognises that, since the pioneering work 60 years ago to build the world’s first computer, the North West has always led in the innovative application of computer technology. The new award offers a chance for companies with a particular strength in digital technology to win a Big Chip.

Entries can be submitted online at The first two entries are free. Subsequent entries cost £75. The closing date for entries is 3rd March 2008. The Big Chip Awards will be announced at a glittering awards dinner on Thursday 22nd May 2008 at new Century Hall in Manchester.

This year’s judges will be made up of a panel of figures from the sector chaired by Michael Nutley, editor of weekly industry journal New Media Age.

Organised by Manchester Digital, the trade association for the region’s digital sector, and supported by the Manchester Digital Development Agency, the awards are open to any organisation based in the North West that has designed or commissioned any digital projects in the past year. This can include website, DVD, animation, wireless or SMS projects.

Last year’s winners spanned a wide variety of sectors and included Pavilion Communications, Stardotstar, designer fashion boutique Gorgeous Couture, and animation specialists The Neighbourhood which took the coveted Grand Prix award.

Chair of Manchester Digital, Shaun Fensom, said: "Over the past 10 years the progress of the digital industry in the North West has been incredible and the Big Chip Awards has grown alongside it.

"Like any other growing sector, there have been pitfalls as well success but no one can deny the impact that IT has on society. Especially the power of the Internet, which has crept into the lives of millions of people across the region over the past decade.

"This is a landmark year for the digital industry, celebrating the 60th anniversary of the world’s first computer in Manchester. This year’s Big Chip categories reflect how far the digital industry has come and the wealth of expertise that we have in the region.

"The introduction of a special Green Chip award for those whose applications or projects have helped the environment in some way, also points to the future, where digital technology is increasingly playing a part in helping to reduce our impact on the environment."

The Award categories are:

Best E-business Project
Best Public Sector Project
Best Not for Profit Project
Best Digital Marketing and Brand Development
Best E-Learning Project
Best Use of Visual Design
Best Application of Technology
Best Use of Animation
Best Use of Search
Big Green Chip Award
Best Freelancer/Micro Enterprise
Big Chip New Media Agency Award (selected from shortlists for other awards)
Grand Prix (the best overall entry)
Best from Cumbria
Best from Greater Manchester
Best from Merseyside
Best from Lancashire
Best from Cheshire & Warrington

In addition there will be several new categories of distinction – further details to be announced shortly.

Source: Big Chip Awards press release


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