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Inventya secures start-up business software deal with Microsoft UK

11 February, 2008 – Inventya secures start-up business software deal with Microsoft UK

Inventya Ltd and Microsoft UK have announced a partnership deal to provide software tools and advice for people thinking of starting a business.

Inventya’s Rapid Idea Evaluation software tool quickly identifies business ideas that are worth exploring further or which need significant development. The company is based at Daresbury’s Science & Innovation Campus.

Inventya and Microsoft both recognise the challenges involved in setting up and starting a business. One of those challenges is the feasibility of the business idea itself – and it can take a lot of time and effort to research and evaluate a business concept.

David Thomas, director at Inventya, explains: "Microsoft products are a vital part of starting or running a small business and Microsoft systems and software are market leaders in the small business sector.

"Inventya adds real value to Microsoft’s technology because although technology is vital for success, a business has to be feasible and realisable. If your idea won’t work then technology can’t help you."

Small business is also big business. UK government data shows that in 2006 4.5 million small businesses were operating – an increase of 3% since the previous year. Sole proprietorships increased by 2.7% to 75,000. And small businesses account for 52% of all private sector turnover in the UK – currently worth £1.3 billion.

David continues: "Our Rapid Idea Evaluation tool helps people to explore and research their business idea, but it can also help existing business owners to plan for growth and investment.

"Our tool has assisted over 1,000 new ideas to-date, providing each idea with a tailored action plan, all within a few minutes."

Inventya has worked with more than 100 companies and entrepreneurs to help investigate the true potential of their innovation and new offerings. Inventya provided guidance on the best route to success in each case.

Tim Ratcliff, Online Manager for SMB at Microsoft UK said: "When you’re starting out, you need simple guidance and IT which doesn’t cost the earth. Our Small Business Centre aims to provide its members with tailored technology advice catering for this area.

"We also aim to add value to our members across a range of areas outside of IT related to starting up. Inventya’s tools meet the need to help those individuals or business owners that have an exciting new business idea, but need to carry out that critical market research before taking the leap and investing time, money and effort in making it a reality."

Inventya’s Rapid Idea Evaluation software is now online at Microsoft’s Small Business Centre at


Source: Inventya press release

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