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Leadership boost for Rochdale Council leaders

14 December, 2007 – Leadership boost for Rochdale Council leaders

Leadership was top of the agenda for Rochdale Borough Council on Monday, when their innovative new management programme was launched in front of over 180 managers at the Town Hall.

‘Enterprising Leadership’ has been developed to boost leadership skills within the council and build capacity to deliver their ambitious improvement plans.

Opened by Chief Executive Roger Ellis, the day included presentations from management gurus, leadership consultants and the council’s senior management team.

These included Dr Susan Kirkcaldy who developed the Enterprising Leadership philosophy and Mike Greenwood CBE, former Director of Manchester Training and Enterprise Council.

Becky Malby, Director for Innovation in Health Management at Leeds University delivered a lively interactive session exploring what it means to be an innovative leader in the public sector.

Over the next 3 years, 150 managers at the council will take part in the pioneering programme to develop leadership skills, improve their services and encourage a culture that facilitates positive change.

Chief Executive Roger Ellis said: "Rochdale Borough Council is going through its biggest changes in over a decade. We need an innovative can-do culture, and that requires strong leadership throughout the organisation."

On screen, the audience heard from Lord MacLaurin, the former chairman and CEO of Tesco who stressed the importance of getting out of the boardroom and advised on what to do when your company hierarchy is stopping you from seeing the real picture.

The event also included a leadership display, featuring the thoughts of famous leaders, from Winston Churchill to Alan Sugar.

Mr Ellis concluded: "From today it’s clear that whilst there are many views on what makes a good leader, having a clear vision based on the needs and priorities of local people and the courage to see things through is key.

"If you’ve got the ability to communicate that vision effectively and build support at all levels the results can be dramatic."

Source: Rochdale Council press release

Link: http//:www.rochdale.gov.uk

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