Major success for research into ageing - MIDAS

Major success for research into ageing

28 March, 2008 – Major success for research into ageing

€12 million consortium bid approved

MMUs Institute for Biomedical Research into Human Movement and Health (IRM) is part of a consortium which has been approved by the European Commission for research under the 'Health Theme' of the Framework 7 programme.

The consortium bid was for €12 million and involves institutions in 10 European countries.

The research programme is called ‘Understanding and combating human age-related muscle weakness’.

The EC’s report of the bid noted: "These are some of the most prominent scientists in ageing and muscle research in Europe. They have shown impressive productivity to date. The facilities at which they work are highly sophisticated and the methodologies they employ are cutting edge.

Nutrition and exercise

"The project contains impressive new issues to understand the age related muscle weakness including molecular and cellular aspects as well as strategies (nutrition, exercise interventions) to combat muscle weakness.

"Interaction between age-related muscle weakness and components of daily locomotion responsible for a better quality of life (e.g. stair negotiation) is included in the project."

MMU’s part of the bid was led by Professor Marco Narici and Professor David Jones.

Director of MMU’s world class IRM Research Institute, Professor Tony Sargeant, said: "The contribution of MMU researchers will be a key element in the consortium’s research programme which seeks to carry out both fundamental and translational research aimed at improving the quality of life in older age.

"It is further recognition of MMU’s outstanding track record in ageing research which has been supported by BBSRC, and the European Framework V Research Programme."

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Source: MMU press release


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