Manchester-based software company wins European award - MIDAS

Manchester-based software company wins European award

10 March, 2008 – Manchester-based software company wins European award

Software created by a Manchester technology start-up SpartaPay has been voted best-in-class by the European Commission.

SpartaPay helped to design and integrate software for a new multi-application payment solution rolled out across Europe to help the socially excluded and to reduce payment collection costs faced by local governments.

Based within University of Manchester Incubator Company (UMIC) facilities, SpartaPay has been working with UK and European local governments to create a payment collection system capable of delivery across mobile, PC and everyday  kiosk’ platforms in public libraries or supermarkets.

Local residents will be able to easily pay for items such as local taxes, utility bills and local services.

SpartaPay collaborated with Yorkshire’s Automatic Identification and Data Capture Centre (AIDC) which provided smartcards linked to credit union computer systems and with Prato City Council in Italy who provided barcodes for enabling local government to collect payments made by smartcards.

Ken Bellamy, Smartmedia Director for Yorkshire’s AIDC Centre said he was pleased to collaborate on this project because it struck at the heart of the Centre’s work on e-inclusion.

Congratulating SpartaPay, Ken adds:   We have chosen to use EUPay as part of our large scale demonstration facility where potential users can see the system in action alongside other smartcard applications, designed to ensure everyone has the opportunity to be involved in the technologies which pervade most of our lives."

Zulf Choudhary, SpartaPay’s managing director explains: "We set out to build a cost-effective and secure platform for multiple payment situations.

"The benefits of EUPAY include that fact that it is 70% cheaper to run than existing bank-based payment mechanisms, and it’s also extremely secure for local residents who use the payment system. We developed secure digital authentication and ID management processes."

Source: UMIC press release


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