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Manchester experts helping to support sustainable growth in China

14 February, 2008 – Manchester experts helping to support sustainable growth in China

China currently faces the challenge of translating economic growth into sustainable development whilst at the same time, rapidly accumulating science and technology capabilities that mean it's well on its way to becoming a key global innovator.

A recent conference – hosted by the Manchester Business School’s Manchester Institute of Innovation Research and The University of Manchester’s Architecture Research Centre – initiated a dialogue with China on the crucial issue of innovation for sustainable growth, asking how this innovative capacity can be harnessed to bring more sustainable development?

The conference was opened by the Chinese Academy of Sciences’ Professor Rongping Mu, who spoke about China’s ambitious goal to become an ‘innovation-driven country’ by 2020.

Peter Budd, director of ARUP, outlined the design of the new Dongtan Eco-city near Shanghai. With capacity for 80,000 residents, the city is designed to have a low ecological footprint and will achieve this through:

  • zero emission transport
  • water recycling
  • control of noise and light pollution
  • preserving the local bird habitat

Professor Simon Guy, from Manchester’s Architecture Research Centre, called for: "…wider public discussion and fresh thinking about sustainable design beyond the narrow debates of green architecture, in order to maximise sustainable growth."

Other speakers included Manchester Business School’s Professor Jakob Edler who highlighted the role public purchasing should play in driving China towards innovative and sustainable developments.

Following the conference, Manchester Business School further strengthened links with the Chinese Academy of Science by signing a collaboration agreement to work together on future innovation research and the exchange of staff.

Professor Luke Georghiou, director of policy research at Manchester Business School, signed the agreement with Professor Rongping Mu, and commented: "At a time when both the UK and China are transforming their innovation systems, it’s clear that working together will strengthen both research institutes in their study of policy towards science, technology and innovation."



Source: Manchester Business School press release

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