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Manchester software startup wins major business contracts

17 March, 2008 – Manchester software startup wins major business contracts

SpartaSoft has won three major tenders to provide consultancy services to the small business sector across the North West and Yorkshire.

The company has won contracts from New East Manchester Ltd, the Manchester Digital Development Agency (MDDA) and from Yorkshire Forwards’ European Centre of Excellence in Automatic Identification and Data Capture Centre.

SpartaSoft will deliver consultancy and technical assistance for companies setting up online thanks to a repeat tender win with Manchester Digital Development Agency (MDDA).

John Keys of MDDA said: "We have always found SpartaSoft to be both professional in the work they have completed and understanding of the needs of businesses supported by our projects – attributes that we need to successfully run projects."

SpartaSoft also won the tender to provide SME consultancy and support services through New East Manchester Ltd, a government body tasked with improving the east Manchester business environment. And Sparta has been chosen by Yorkshire Forward’s AIDC to help South Yorkshire firms maximize the benefits of emerging technologies including bar coding, RFID, smartcards, and biometrics.

SpartaSoft’s managing director Zulf Choudhary points out: "We provide hands-on consultancy for small and medium sized businesses that want to use new technologies to improve their business processes and profitability.

"Right now there are many technologies that can have a major impact on business efficiency, but it can also be very confusing for business owners to work out what is right for them.

"Helping smaller companies to navigate their way around converging multimedia, e-commerce, smartcards, RFID and mobile technologies is what we are here to do."

Based in University of Manchester Incubator Company (UMIC) facilities since 2006, SpartaSoft is rapidly establishing its credentials.

Tony Walker incubation manager at the University of Manchester Incubator Company (UMIC) adds: "Spartasoft grew out of our other incubating company SpartaPay when the smartcard markets that SpartaPay had developed became dominated by technology created by the banking sector.

"It’s great to see SpartaSoft’s expertise being channeled into a new area and in winning contracts. The team has a great deal of experience at the high end of technology to give to small and medium sized businesses in this marketplace."


Source: UMIC / Spartasoft press release


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