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Manchester University announces stem cell breakthrough

15 April, 2008 – Manchester University announces stem cell breakthrough

Researchers the University of Manchester have discovered how a particular type of adult stem cell can be used to repair damaged tissue.

A team led by Professor Cay Kielty, from the university’s faculty of life sciences, has been studying mesenchymalstem cells that apparently have the ability to relocate and develop into several different types of cells and tissue.

Speaking at the UK National Stem Cell Network Annual Science Meeting in Edinburgh, she said this could lead to a source of cells for transplant and reduce the chance of a severe immune response, whereby the body rejects the new material.

"What we have shown is that adult stem cells respond in particular ways to some of the chemical signals in the body," said Professor Kielty, whose work is funded by the Medical Research Council.

She added: "We can look at applying our understanding to develop stem-cell derived therapies for tissue repair."

The government recently announced the creation of a Biomedical Research Centre in Manchester, thereby ensuring that the city becomes a leading player in stem cell and genetics treatment.

Health secretary Alan Johnson said the centre will put Britain at the forefront of important health research.


Source: Invest in England's Northwest


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