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Manchester's Touchpoint gives Ty-phoo heritage brand a Welsh makeover

31 January, 2008 – Manchester's Touchpoint gives Ty-phoo heritage brand a Welsh makeover

Glengettie, from tea specialist Ty·phoo, has been redesigned to give the brand a new lease of life and to help drive sales throughout its Welsh homeland, as well as the rest of the UK.

Glengettie, a premium tea blended specially to complement the soft water of Wales, has been a favourite of Welsh consumers for many years and plays an important part in the traditional Welsh afternoon tea.

The brand’s new look has been designed by Ty∙phoo’s packaging design agency Touchpoint, based in Manchester.

This is the third brand revitalisation Touchpoint has handled for Ty∙phoo; the agency has also redesigned packaging for Ty∙phoo black tea and its fruit and herbal range.

Creative director at Touchpoint, Howard Wright said: "Glengettie has a strong and loyal customer base. The tea has been specifically blended to deliver a combination of distinctive flavour and quality for the Welsh market, something we had to convey with the packaging.

"We know that this is one of the best loved brands in Wales and with Welsh people abroad, who want a taste of home.

"Glengettie was first marketed as a stronger brew, blended for Welsh miners, but today the focus is on the strength in flavour and its qualities as a ‘premium’ tea.

"We were tasked with maintaining Glengettie’s authenticity and heritage in the new design, but to also increase the product’s appeal to a new generation of tea drinkers by modernising the image of Glengettie.

"The new packaging design uses the Welsh Dragon and Glengettie’s proposition in a prominent position, ensuring instant recognition and appeal to the core customer base.

"The name style has also been re-designed to reflect a more contemporary feel complemented by images that retain strong links to the history and quality associated with the brand.

"The bilingual aspect of the packaging is crucial to this product and gives retailers a choice of which language to display. Dual front of packs have been designed on opposite sides of the carton in Welsh and English."

Glengettie’s brand revitalisation is part of a brand portfolio investment programme by Ty∙phoo’s parent company the Apeejay Surrendra Group, the third largest exporters of tea from India.

The Glengettie range is available from leading supermarkets and grocers, predominantly in Wales and surrounding areas. It’s also available on the internet.

Source: Touchpoint UK press release

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