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MNTI embraces motion capture technology for 3D courses

1 April, 2008 – MNTI embraces motion capture technology for 3D courses

Manchester New Technology Institute has purchased a state of the art motion capture suit for use by its IT students, as part of its investment in higher education programmes

Motion capture technology is used extensively in the computer games industry and in high profile feature films such as the Lord of the Rings trilogy. Once strapped into the suit all of the body’s movements are recorded in realtime and then mapped onto computer generated characters, producing lifelike and accurate movements on screen.

The suit will be used primarily on the college’s higher education programmes based at MNTI, such as the 3D Animation HNC and HND. However, the college is planning to introduce new short courses in the near future in order to allow optimum use of this exciting new technology.

Robert Marshall, director of MNTI, said: “This motion capture equipment would normally only be available to students studying at university on specialist courses. It is the aim of the MNTI to open up access to groundbreaking new technologies of this type in line with MANCAT’s mission statement to enhance the skills and knowledge of the whole community. ”

The Gypsy series suit is supplied by Animazoo UK Ltd, a Brighton based manufacturer of motion capture systems used in film, TV and computer games development.

Ali Kord, technical director of Animazoo, said: “Nowadays, consumers know a lot about the technology behind blockbuster films such as King Kong – they know that motion capture was used and marvel at the results. By making systems more accessible and affordable, we can bridge the gap between understanding this technology and actually using it! That will be a big step forwards.”

Source: Manchester New Technology Institute

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