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Silver Films appointed to add shine to Lexus Europe website

4 February, 2008 – Silver Films appointed to add shine to Lexus Europe website

Lexus Europe has appointed Silver Films to produce a series of short films aimed at showcasing the full Lexus range.

The 60-second films, filmed in Barcelona, will become a key focal point of the new European Lexus website (, which was launched in the UK last September and is currently being rolled out across 27 countries.

Richard Oliver, director of Silver Films’ Manchester office, comments: "By the time a consumer visits the Lexus site they are often in buying mode, so we hope that the films will play an important role in ensuring the final decision to purchase.

"In each film the vehicle will be the star and our objective is to really help the consumer to get to know the personality of each car. Lexus is an aspirational brand and this is reflected in the high production values of the films.

"They will also feature a specially commissioned, cutting edge soundtrack which will combine the sounds of the vehicles themselves – the soft closing of the door, the purring of the engine, the opening of a window – along with digitally stylised sounds from nature."

Tony Cutler, responsible for Marketing Operations and New Media at Lexus Europe, adds: "The new European Lexus websites, developed by digital agency Amaze, offer a much more multimedia-led approach to our communications.

"The sites utilise extensive video and state-of-the-art CGI footage to present the Lexus range and its leading-edge technologies in a much more engaging and emotional way.

"Silver’s new films for Lexus will support these aims and will feature high quality video clips of the Lexus IS, GS, LS, RX and SC models."

The Lexus win represents a major new business gain for Silver Films, who launched its specialist branded content offer for the advertising and film industries last autumn.

Source: Silver Films press release


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