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Silver Films launches Umbro SX short film ad campaign

14 December, 2007 – Silver Films launches Umbro SX short film ad campaign

London and Manchester-based Silver Films has produced a series of three short films to support the launch of Umbro's SX football boots. Available only in exclusive stores such as Selfridges and Harvey Nichols, the hi-tech, hi-concept SX boots are Umbro's premium performance product of 2007.

The campaign created by Silver has defined the entire communication strategy for SX. Silver produced three short films that reflect the boots’ unique character – the right boot is red and the left boot is black – under the strapline ‘Two sides, One goal’.

In addition to featuring on Umbro’s website and having widespread viral appeal, the films have been adapted for use at retail point of sale throughout the UK and have been interpreted for press and TV in a number of European countries.

Richard Oliver from Silver Films, who directed the Umbro SX films, comments, 2Our brief was to make the SX boots look cool and appeal to the image-conscious consumer. We decided that two stories needed to be told: the story of S, which is the story of the creative and spontaneous right side of the brain, and the story of X which is about the rational and resilient left side of the brain.

"Together the boots combine to create true footballing genius and, in the same way, the two films combine to create the story of SX. The overall cumulative message is more likely to challenge the audience, make them think and, ultimately, win their hearts and minds."

Paul Nugent, director of global marketing at Umbro, adds, "Silver’s films have played a crucial role in the successful launch of our SX footwear and the whole campaign has been built around the story of ‘two sides’.

"The SX boots are a premium offering and our objective is to retain this feel, enabling the product to be discovered. As such, we have used PR to drive people to to see the films and find out about the boots, as opposed to opting for traditional above the line ads.

"Our focus has been on positioning the brand and Silver’s films have been instrumental in helping us to achieve our objective."

Source: Silver Films press release


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