Silver Films produces ITV Movies idents for Toyota - MIDAS

Silver Films produces ITV Movies idents for Toyota

11 February, 2008 – Silver Films produces ITV Movies idents for Toyota

Silver Films has produced a series of idents for Toyota to support the car manufacturer's sponsorship of ITV1 Movies this winter.Toyota is sponsoring the ITV1 Movie slot until March to promote the launch of its new Toyota Rav4 XTR.

Silver has worked with Toyota’s above-the-line agency, CHI & Partners, to produce a series of nine idents based around movie themes and genres and these are being shown at the start and end of each movie and around commercial breaks.

Filmed in an aircraft hangar, the idents ensure that the car is the hero, whilst simultaneously evoking an overall cinematic experience through features such as ‘wide screen’ black bands, a clapperboard and scrolling credits.

Silver Films’ Richard Oliver, who directed the idents, comments: "The overall brief from CHI & Partners was to visually communicate the beauty and appeal of the Toyota Rav4 XTR, whilst ensuring that the idents achieved synergy between the car and the theme of movies.

"The aircraft hangar in which the idents were filmed provided the perfect atmospheric location and we then used simple visual devices to create a feeling of cinema."

Janey de Nordwall, Silver Films’ founder and BAFTA award-winning producer, also worked on the idents. Janey adds: "Silver’s heritage lies in films and, as such, the movie theme is a subject close to our hearts.

"Whilst the focus of the idents is firmly on the Toyota Rav4 XTR, we’ve added interest through producing varying treatments to suit the different types of movies being shown on ITV1 throughout the season, including comedy, drama and thrillers."


Source: Silver Films press release

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