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Silver Films Shines with New Toyota Sponsorships

31 July, 2008 – Silver Films Shines with New Toyota Sponsorships

Manchester's Silver Films has produced two new TV sponsorship campaigns for Toyota, both of which will be airing on ITV1 across 2008.

Silver has worked with Toyota’s above-the-line agency, CHI & Partners, to produce idents for the car manufacturer’s Auris and Verso models. Toyota Auris is sponsoring all ITV1 Mystery Drama slots until December 2008 and Toyota Verso will be sponsoring ITV1 Family Movies until the end of the year.

Silver secured the business following the success of the idents it produced earlier this year to support Toyota’s Rav4 sponsorship of ITV1 movies. Launched in January, the Rav4 idents have produced such a positive response that the sponsorship is now scheduled to run for the rest of this year.

Silver Films’ Richard Oliver, who directed the idents, comments, “ We know from our experience of producing short films for brands such as Lexus that the key lies in making the car the star so with each set of Toyota idents we have focused on showing off the vehicle, enabling consumers to visualise how perfectly the car can fulfil their requirements. Clearly our approach is working as the Rav4 idents, which have been running since January, have delivered great results with dealers across the country reporting them as a key driver of show room traffic and model interest.”

Tim Brady, sponsorship director at Zenith Optimedia, adds, “The sponsorships provide a targeted awareness approach for Toyota’s Rav4, Auris and Verso models. They enable Toyota to reach the target audience with strong vehicle imagery in a consistent and reliable way, resulting in year-round TV coverage along with exceptional media value. “

Source: Silver Films press release


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