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University of Manchester aims to boost local ethnic minority recruitment

7 January, 2008 – University of Manchester aims to boost local ethnic minority recruitment

The University of Manchester is joining key local employers on Thursday 10th January 2008 at The Cooperative in Manchester to learn about the role they can play in attracting talent from ethnic minority communities.

‘The Attraction Factor’ is aimed at employers who want to recruit the best possible applicants from across the whole of the Greater Manchester community.

The event will explore the incentives and motivations for employers to lead action in their workplaces in order to promote race equality.

Most importantly it will focus on the practical steps and actions that employers can take, and need to take, in order to reach out to the community to attract people from black and ethnic minority communities.

The University of Manchester’s Assistant Director of Human Resources and Chair of the Central Manchester Employers Alliance (CMEA), Steve Grant said: "Currently, you are more likely to be unemployed in the UK if you belong to an ethnic minority group.

"If you are white you have a 76% chance of being employed whereas if you come from an ethnic minority background you only have a 60% likelihood of having a job.

"The fortunes of local businesses, service providers and their existing employees are closely linked to those of communities across Greater Manchester."

Steve Grant went on to say: "The exclusion of ethnic minorities from the labour market is bad for commerce and prevents those organisations with a responsibility to provide services from doing so effectively.

"An equal opportunities policy is not, in itself, enough. Employers in all sectors need to actively engage in dialogue with communities to erode decades of disadvantage and mistrust."

Amanda Jones, Head of Diversity at The Co-operative said: "I believe the critical factor for change is organisational leadership, but also leadership from us as individuals and professionals within our organisations, where it is very much a case of nurturing diversity champions and seizing business opportunity to make an impact on this issue."

The event will include a range of informative, challenging and interactive workshops that aim to impart good practice, provide independent, commercially focused advice and create a framework for further activity.

Research shows that traditional recruitment methods need to be reviewed and frequently enhanced to enable you as employers to widen your reach to ethnic minority groups and in doing so enrich the talent pool from which you recruit.


Source: University of Manchester press release


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