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Art in Advertising exhibition comes to The Lowry

As The Lowry prepares to celebrate its tenth birthday, the Salford-based arts and culture hub kick-starts its celebratory year with an interactive ‘Art in Advertising’ show, highlighting the very best in Northwest creativity.

Produced by Manchester agency, BJL with involvement from well-known local brands and the region’s universities and colleges, the three-month programme will examine the link between art and the advertising industry, as well as showcasing some of the company’s most well-known campaigns.

Celebrating pure creativity, the exhibition will fuse the results of commercial and non commercial artists and feature work for big-name brands including BA, Asda and Warburton’s.

It opens on 23rd January 2010, and will facilitate the creation of some major new art works and interesting collaborations. BJL creatives will also be on hand to give a behind the scenes view on the installations – lifting the lid on the tools and creative processes they use and explaining the evolution of their award-winning work.

‘Art in Advertising’ aims to take visitors on a journey through sound, vision and photography, giving them a unique opportunity to understand how an advertising campaign is developed. And in the run-up to the BBC’s MediaCityUK launch next year, it will offer guidance for a new generation of would-be creatives.

Interactive installations and on-site creative workshops will make sure visitors enjoy an unforgettable experience.

As BJL partner, Jackie Holt, explains: “We’ve worked with The Lowry for eight years now, and wanted to celebrate their birthday and our collaboration with something special.

“What we want to do is have some fun, and hopefully inspire people about the medium of advertising, showcasing what a truly creative industry we work in.

“This has given us a great opportunity to collaborate with our clients to provide different interpretations of art. Creating art installations that have association with our clients’ brands will also be a key part of the journey we take visitors on.”

“The Lowry is very excited to be collaborating with BJL on what promises to be an innovative exhibition. Art in all its forms, including advertising, starts with good ideas and this exhibition gives visitors an unprecedented opportunity to see how these good ideas surround us everyday on television, radio, the internet, billboards and countless other ways” says The Lowry’s Head of Galleries, Michael Simpson

The exhibition runs from 23 January to 11 April 2010 and can be viewed Sunday to Friday, 11am to 5pm and Saturday 10am to 5pm. Admission is free although donations are welcome.

Source: BJL Group Limited

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