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BAE Systems to invest £800 million in Northwest

6 April, 2009

BAE Systems has unveiled wide-ranging plans to invest £800 million in the Northwest over the next five years.

The defence and aerospace giant is already one of the biggest employers in the region, with 12,900 staff. Under the new plans, a further 800 jobs are expected to be created at its Salmesbury site in Lancashire.

The £800 million  will be spent upgrading the site and its surrounding infrastructure in preparation for the new F35 joint strike fighter, crucial elements of which will be built at Salmesbury.

Kevin Taylor, managing director of BAE System’s Military Air Solutions division at Warton near Preston, said: “The F35 is entering low-rate initial production and now we are preparing very large production volumes at Salmesbury. The investment demonstrates our commitment to the Northwest, which is our most important region. It will include a new assembly facility and a production area three times the size it is now. It’s a hugely important investment, generating short term economic benefits as it is built and long-term economic benefits when completed.”

Source: Invest in England’s Northwest


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