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Bombay Dabbawala opens for business in Manchester

Salford QuaysA Mumbai street-food eatery is the newest addition to businesses in Manchester’s Media City area, with one entrepreneur bringing the concept of high quality Indian street food to the city.

Bombay Dabbawala, Mumbai’s famous Wada Paav street food, opened for business recently and has since been busy serving delicious meals of their unique cuisine to students and professionals in Manchester.

The concept of selling Mumbai street food not in a restaurant but on the street itself, is the brainchild of globetrotting Sheetal Vinod Talwar of the internationally respected Vistaar group.

Talwar, who has investment projects in cinema and food companies, finds synergy in his cinema and food businesses.

He said: “Like cinema I find food touches people. There is hope, joy and tremendous creative satisfaction as well.”

“The whole logic of a trailer on the road is making service of food to people in their comfort zone. I take food to them wherever they are. It’s also making an extension and a broad base of Indian culture.”

“Above all a trailer doesn’t limit me geographically I can set it up anywhere in the country. I identify and desire to relate to local cultures blending Indian culture through food.”

Now, people who work and live close to Media City are queuing up to enjoy mouth-watering delicacies like wada paav (potato fritter in a bap), keema paav (mince), lamb and aloo (lamb with potato curry), chick peas curry, and the egg omelette paav.

And For those who enjoy kebabs, there is seekh kabab in paav, a wholesome meal on the go served with a drink and curry with rice for a competitive price at £4.50 per dish.

The chef has managed to come as close as possible to Indian taste striking a unique balance to meet the taste and requirements of the local population. The meal is wholesome, nutritive and absolute value for money.

Talwar now plans to set-up three trailers in Manchester, with a view of expanding to other UK cities including Leicester, Birmingham and London.

Deepak Jain who runs the Bombay Dabbawala operation in media city, explains the moment the idea came together.

He said: “the whole idea was crystallised when we were serving our cinema units on the sets.”

“We thought of backward integration and Talwar, who is a great foodie, thought why not serve our own food. Catering business here was thus born.”

The pair have so far been pleased with demand and many orders have already been placed to offices around Media City. They are expecting the eatery to become even more popular as summer approaches.

And despite being a relatively new business, having only set-up last week on Monday 15 February, Bombay Dabbawala are planning a long stay.

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