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Corridor Manchester to become a Low Carbon Laboratory

Oxford Road, ManchesterCorridor Manchester is working in partnership with Wood Holmes to develop the first phase of what will be known as the Low Carbon Laboratory. In effect the Corridor (the Oxford Road area of the city) will become a place where innovative technology to help tackle climate change and reduce carbon emissions will be developed and tested.

Jackie Potter chief executive of Corridor Manchester, said: “The Low Carbon Laboratory will play a very important role in our vision to reduce carbon emissions on the Corridor. The Corridor is the research and innovation hub for Manchester and is ideally placed to deliver such a ground-breaking initiative that has the potential to benefit not only Manchester but also cities all over the world.”

Making the Corridor a Low Carbon Laboratory will build on the world class research strengths of the universities on the Corridor, creating an open laboratory for scientists to work together with both public and private sector research companies to develop, test, experiment and measure the impact of initiatives to help combat the effects climate change and reduce carbon emissions.

There are a number of scientific studies underway on the Corridor, supported by all the partners, including i-trees – a series of nine plots gathering quantitative data to compare the impact of trees and green space with asphalt on temperature and rain water runoff – a cause of flash flooding, and several retro-fitted green roofs that are testing the effects of different types of natural covering on a variety of issues such as the amount of heat escaping from buildings and attracting wild life into the City.

The creation of the Low Carbon Laboratory will enable many more scientific, economic and social studies to happen because of the unique nature of Corridor Manchester. The organisations involved in Corridor Manchester have a huge pool of resources, expertise and knowledge that can be brought together to develop studies in ways they haven’t been before.

Paul Connell, director, Wood Holmes said: “We are very pleased to be working with Corridor Manchester on this fascinating and exciting piece of work which is at the forefront of current global thinking on how cities can work to drive reductions in carbon, whilst accessing the opportunities that it offers.”

The Low Carbon Laboratory is part of the Manchester Low Carbon Economic Area delivery plan and the aim is to develop and grow the laboratory across Manchester, so the wider city becomes a test ground for innovative and ground-breaking ideas.

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