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Fletcher bangs the drum for Manchester

Entrepreneur Scott Fletcher, founder and chairman of ANS Group, has urged international technology firms to invest in Manchester.

Speaking at Google’s tech city campus in London on Tuesday, Mr Fletcher, a member of the Greater Manchester Local Enterprise Partnership, said too many major businesses believe the UK begins and ends with London.

The former child actor founded ANS Group when he was 22 and has grown the company into one of Manchester’s fastest-growing technology companies with annual revenues of £50m.

He was speaking at the guest of Shadow Business Secretary Chuka Umunna MP, at an event to promote entrepreneurialism and business growth in technology and related sectors.

He said: “The UK suffers from the fact that many companies, especially international corporations investing here, think that business starts and finishes in London.

“We mustn’t ignore the world-class transport, technology and talent infrastructure that cities like Manchester have to offer. The BBC has shown vision and leadership by moving a big section of its operations into MediaCity in Manchester, where it produces content that’s sold and exported across the world.

“I would encourage companies like Google and other leading international tech firms to look at what the BBC has achieved and look beyond London towards Manchester for future opportunities.”

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  1. Mizzionuk says:

    It is great to see Mr Fletcher flying the flag for Manchester. The old cliche of the North/South divide is still very much an issue, even more so since the recession. We need more national and international businesses seeing the potential of Manchester, this would raise the profile of the city and help to tackle unemployment rates. The government this week are proclaiming their happiness at unemployment rates dropping but seam to be brushing over the fact that youth unemployment is up. We need more business men and women promoting Manchester in order to bring new industry here and tackle employemnt issues from the inside as government strategy is still failing to make a difference.   

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