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Future looks bright for Digital Projection

High-tech company, Digital Projection has been awarded £237,762 from the Northwest Regional Development Agency (NWDA) to develop an LED-based projector with a level of brightness that exceeds existing LED projectors.

The company, which operates across the digital and creative sectors, designs, manufactures and markets high brightness video and data projectors for use in a wide range of professional applications.

Established since 1996 and based in Oldham West and Royton, the company’s new, innovative project aims to increase the quality of LED –illuminated projectors by more than doubling their present light output.

A key feature of the product is its long life and reliability, which significantly reduces operating costs. The project is also expected to safeguard jobs and create more full-time equivalent jobs by 2013.

Digital Projection is aiming to not only increase sales at a local level, but will also be taking its innovative product to the global market, specifically exporting to Asia and the USA.

Grant for Research and Development is part of Solutions for Business, the Government’s package of publicly funded business support designed to help companies start and grow, helping entrepreneurs and business owners introduce innovative products and processes, including research trials and product testing.

Steven Broomhead, Chief Executive, NWDA said: “I’m pleased that we’ve been able to provide support to such an innovative company that is not only technologically forward thinking, but also looking at environmentally-friendly methods of creating high-tech products.

“Through Grant for Research and Development, Digital Projection has been able to further its R and D, technological capabilities and export opportunities, which are key features to the company’s economic success.”

Dermot Quinn, Director of Product Development at Digital Projection, said: “This grant acts as a catalyst to help us to explore and take advantage of new and emerging solid state light sources. This will enable new applications of our projection technology at the same time as reducing the environmental impact of high brightness video projection. In combination with our class leading 3D technologies, the outstanding colour of the LED sources will create stunning images that will run for tens of thousands of hours without maintenance or adjustment.”

As part of the response to the current economic downturn, GRAND is funded by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) with £1.1 million, together with £1.2 million from the Northwest Regional Development Agency (NWDA).

The NWDA is playing a crucial role in response to the current economic downturn, with a number of actions being taken to meet the needs of businesses during these financially challenging times.

Source: Northwest Regional Development Agency

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