Grant given to Manchester University for radio astronomy - MIDAS

Grant given to Manchester University for radio astronomy

2 April, 2009

A grant of 10 million euros (£9.2 million) has been given to scientists at The University of Manchester's Jodrell Bank Centre for Astrophysics.

The money is to come from the European Commission and will go towards supporting RadioNet, a network of radio astronomy observatories throughout Europe.

This will allow physicists to collaborate more closely and for researchers to have access to more facilities needed to generate ground-breaking studies.

Dr Anita Richards, who is to coordinate the sharing of skills and resources, said: "RadioNet funding will help us to inspire and train the next generation of European radio astronomers and engineers."

One of the projects to be funded by the grant is Uniboard, which will see highly complex digital electronics built in order to analyse signals received by radio telescopes.

The Jodrell Bank Centre houses the famous Lovell Telescope, which was completed in Cheshire in 1957.

In addition, it operates the UK’s national radio astronomy facility, also known as Merlin. 

Source: Invest in England's Northwest


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