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Greater Manchester ‘a global player’ for computer games companies

314Greater Manchester has become a global hub for computer games developers according to Paul Gouge, co-founder and chief executive of local business Playdemic.

Speaking ahead of the Insider Business of Digital and Technology Conference next week, Gouge was full of praise for the digital and technology sector in the city which continues to attract international business to the region.

He said: “Tech and the creative sector is playing a huge part in the resurgence of Manchester and gaming is playing a big part in that.”

“I believe the gaming industry is very strong in the North West. We’re based in Wilmslow and within a one-mile radius of us there must be 600-700 people working in the games industry.”

“We recently hired someone from Helsinki, which is a cool city for tech. He moved his family over because he believes in Manchester and what we’re doing. There’s a real buzz in the Northern Quarter and MediaCity.”

Playdemic currently has a turnover of £11 million and employ over 60 people in their Manchester offices.

The company was recently backed by the North West Fund for Digital & Creative to produce a mobile version of its popular title Village Life.

Gouge added: “The ambition for us is to build a game that resonates globally. We have between 350,000 and 400,000 people who play our games daily. We have 2.5 million users.

“Our mission is to be the number one global publisher of mobile games. We’re probably in the top 50 so we have a distance to travel.”

The gaming sector represents just one strand of a thriving digital and technology industry based in the city.

Other sectors in television, animation, digital media and advanced manufacturing are also well established and thriving in the region.

With world class facilities and infrastructure, Manchester is a prime destination for entrepreneurs and creative businesses to operate.

Almost 70,000 people are employed in the city’s digital and creative sector already and with interest in the region growing, that number looks set to increase as more businesses take advantage of Manchester’s unique location.

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