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Hyper Island digital apprenticeship seeking employers

Hyper Island are seeking employers to take part in their Digital Apprenticeship in Interactive Design and Development programme.

The programme offers those with a passion for digital who are leaving college or school an alternative option to kick start their career in digital design and development.

Hyper Island have already teamed up with some of the most innovative organisations in Greater Manchester to offer a paid apprenticeship complemented by ongoing practical training, mentoring and support.

The programme has been designed to help develop the technical skills needed to hit the ground running and contribute to a dynamic team environment. The hands-on professional and collaboration skills taught will support entry into work and fast track careers.

At the start of the programme, Apprentices will join Hyper Island for a 4-week immersive induction, where they will learn simple tools and skills to ensure their transition into the work environment is smooth, and enable them to hit the ground running. Following this, they will then join an organisation as a Front End Developer or Interaction Designer, with the support of a mentor in the workplace. Apprentices will return to Hyper Island at intervals throughout the 15 month programme for practical skills bootcamps to ensure their continual development, growth and support in their roles.

Applicants are not expected to have previous professional experience, be fully-fledged designers or be fluent in coding. However applicants should be able to demonstrate an active interest in one of these areas, for example via a graphic design portfolio, design sketchbook, Code Academy badges, Git Hub portfolio or anything else that showcases their work.

Interested employers should contact Damian Payton – damian.payton@hyperisland.com

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