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Ingersoll-Rand compressor donation keeps Wigan’s Metrolite running

22 February, 2008

It turns out hundreds of windows and doors each week. It creates innovative garden furniture, planters, gates and even golf tees from eco-friendly recycled raw materials.

It also provides a vital source of employment for people with disabilities from all over Wigan borough. It’s fair to say that Metrolite Industries is a real success story.

But recently the Wigan Council-supported factory in Lower Ince was in danger of running out of steam. The company’s air compressor, which helps power the factory’s entire production process, had reached the end of its working life. With a workforce keen to get on with the job and new orders coming in all the time something needed to be done and quick.

And that’s where the local branch of a major multinational company came in. Just down the road in Hindley Green is the Wigan branch of Ingersoll-Rand, a company which just happens to make some of the best air compressor around. And the global brand was only too happy to help out by donating a new top-notch £5,000 machine.

Metrolite general manager Tom Milner explains: "Metrolite Industries works to help people with disabilities to work.

"We are able to do this and also support those who face the greatest barriers when seeking employment. Our old machine broke down and had to be replaced, this would have been a considerable cost to Metrolite. Ingersoll Rand’s kind donation will give us the factory clean air power for the foreseeable future."

Nick Harman who is the regional marketing manger for Ingersoll –Rand said the company was only too happy to help: "We actually donated the first compressor to Metrolite when it started life 30 years ago." Nick says.

"We heard about all the good work the company  does in the community and when they approached we were delighted. It means that Metrolite can continue to serve the community so we were happy to be involved."

Leader of Wigan Council Lord Peter Smith added: "Metrolite’s goal is to help disabled people enjoy long-term employment while producing quality products and services.

"We are really grateful to Ingersoll-Rand for its kind donation. It really does show that big multi-national businesses can play a big part in helping us to achieve our goal of supporting the most vulnerable members of our community."


Source: Wigan Council press release


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