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3,500 jobs created in Manchester thanks to Foreign Investment


Greater Manchester has welcomed more than 3,500 jobs into the region thanks to foreign investment, government statistics have shown.

The annual investment figures from the UK Trade & Investment 2013/14 report shows that the UK attracted the most inward investment projects since the 1980s, there has been nearly 14% increase in the number of projects than the year prior.

In Manchester 55 projects were set up by foreign businesses, therefore creating 2,379 jobs and safeguarding 1,309.

Another report by the EY backs up such statistics, as stated in the 2014 UK attractiveness survey; “The UK is now one of the most attractive European location for global investors, up from eighth place to fifth in the worldwide ranking of countries that investors see as attractive for foreign direct investment (FDI)”. As a result the UK for the first time has overtaken Germany, with only China, the US, India and Brazil now in front.

In addition as stated in the report, The UK continues to score over 80% for the attractiveness of its top six attributes, with quality of life, technology and telecommunications, infrastructure and stability of social climate all seen as very strong differentiators.

Overall, for the UK its performance in the global FDI market has been particularly strong thanks to its attractiveness in a destination for investment.

For a more detailed view of the statistics, they can be found here and on the EY website.

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