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Manchester Business School launches study into environmental responsibility in outsourcing

An outsourcing expert from the Manchester University Business School is looking for partners to input into a groundbreaking research project focusing on green issues within global outsourcing.

Dr Brian Nicholson from Manchester University Business School is working with the Ryerson University Toronto to examine environmental responsibility themes with executives from major global outsourcing firms.

Dr Nicholson is in the early stages of this new study into corporate social and environmental responsibility issues in global outsourcing. The study will initially seek to identify the mechanisms and practices outsourcing firms are currently adopting to comply with environmental responsibility including “green IT” standards and regulations.

The Green agenda within outsourcing is becoming increasingly prevalent as more companies now outsource and offshore a growing amount of their work, resulting in a global carbon footprint often hidden from the domestic firm’s identity.

The National Outsourcing Association has recently responded to increased interest in this area by establishing a Green Steering Committee. The group has developed its first White Paper which seeks to identify the challenges facing the outsourcing community’s green agenda and offers an introduction into future discussion and best practice.

Since 1995 Dr Brian Nicholson has been involved in teaching, research and consultancy projects in the broad area of global outsourcing of software and other business processes. This has involved work in India, China, Costa Rica, Iran, Egypt; Malaysia and Bangladesh.

If you are a global outsourcer interested in inputting into this study please contact Dr Nicholson at

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