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Manchester City Council – Investing in the future

17 February, 2009

Manchester City Council has pledged to steer the city through the difficult economic challenges ahead by using the finances available to improve services and invest in the future.

The budget report which will be considered by the Executive Committee (11 February 2009) shows that the proposed council tax for Manchester City Council is to increase by 3%, keeping it the second cheapest council in Greater Manchester and amongst the cheapest in the country (currently in 24th position). £25m of efficiency savings have also been identified that will enable the council to direct its resources into priority areas.

Investment in key areas such as waste and recycling and climate change are still a priority as is investing in work within children’s services and adult social services. Managing the impact of the economic downturn will also be an important area of work to ensure the city can respond appropriately to the ever-changing circumstances.

Councillor Bernard Priest, Executive Member for Finance and Human Resources said: "We are all aware that times are hard during this economic downturn. Over the last decade the city’s economy has been growing steadily but because of recent circumstances that level of growth is reducing. Government resources are tight and it is vitally important that we look for new and smarter ways of working and we have identified, through efficiency savings, £25m to invest in our services.

"This enables us to honour our commitment to keep council tax low. It also enables us to invest money into what residents say is important and into priority services such as waste and recycling, environmental campaigns and adult social care services to name but a few.

"We want to ensure that residents can share in the successes of the city during this difficult time and that Manchester is in a position to maximise opportunities when an eventual recovery happens."

Source: Manchester City Council


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