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Manchester deploys hi-tech Wi-Fi technology

21 January, 2009

A company in Manchester has deployed technology which will allow business and consumers to use high speed broadband without the need for telephone lines.

A first for the UK, Eye WiMAX has been launched in Old Trafford and has around 400 subscribers so far, Manchester Evening News reports.

Chris Bretten from Eye WiMAX said he hopes to get the benefits of the technology out to many more businesses and that he aims to turn the city into a high speed internet hotspot.

“It’s cost-effective and up to four times faster than the broadband through a phone line,” he pointed out.

This could be good news for businesses looking to move into Manchester from other towns or cities.

According to Network World, tests from its manufacturers have shown that Eye WiMAX can support all kinds of services associated with today’s DSL and cable modem needs – including video – to homes and businesses, even in dense urban areas.

Source: Invest in England’s Northwest


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