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Manchester firm to build the UK’s largest new nuclear power station

NuGenA Manchester based company have announced plans to construct the UK’s largest new nuclear power station in partnership with West Cumbria’s Morson International.

NuGen, based in Manchester city centre, announced that the exciting project will see the construction of a nuclear power station of up to 3.6GW capacity, making it the biggest nuclear development in Europe.

The completion of the power station could supply up to 7 percent of the UK’s future electricity in the decades to come as well as creating jobs in Cumbria, Lancashire and Greater Manchester.

David Lynchehaun, Head of Client Development at Morson said: “This is an exciting partnership for Morson and NuGen and we are delighted to further develop our relationship with NuGen to become their chosen managed service agent.”

“The impact and benefit of the Moorside Project to the local communities, supply chains and labour markets in Cumbria and Lancashire will positively affect the economy, whilst also helping to meet the UK’s considerable energy needs for generations to come.”

The development phase of the project will be based at Piccadilly Place in Manchester city centre and new job roles will be created in the Greater Manchester region in order to ensure success of the task.

Karen Campbell, NuGen’s Head of Human Resources believes the project will have a great impact in the local area.

She said: “The agreement with Morson is a positive step forward for NuGen and this framework will be extremely valuable in supporting the Moorside Project as we power forward over the coming months and years.”

“The vacancies that we will need to fill will be wide and varied, so it is important that the agreement with Morson provides opportunities for Cumbria based suppliers and specialist recruitment agencies to supply to the Moorside Project.”

Morson’s partnership is a part of NuGen’s approach to localisation, helping to develop strong industrial relationships with local companies, both in Manchester and in Cumbria.

Interested in becoming a supplier for NuGen’s Moorside Project? Find out more:

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