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Manchester firm wins Queen’s Award

Greater Manchester firm Tenmat, who specialize in manufacturing highly technical composite materials, have won a 2013 Queen’s Award for the second consecutive year.

The firm were awarded the prestigious prize this year for outstanding achievement in international trade, following three consecutive years of 20% year on year growth. In 2012, they also received a Queen’s Award, this time for innovation.

Headquartered in Trafford Park, Tenmat have over 100 years’ experience in producing composite engineering components. Since then the company has grown into a multinational corporation group, with fully owned subsidiaries in the USA, Germany, Italy and France.

Julian Greenhalgh, commercial manager, said: “Tenmat are proud to have won this award for a second consecutive year and also to be based in Trafford Park Manchester, once one of the largest industrial parks in the world. We have traded here for over 100 years and plan to remain here for many years to come, producing high quality, differentiated, deep niche products which give significant benefits to our customers.

Tenmat have not taken what could be considered the easy option and produce in lower cost countries, instead they have made significant investment in the Trafford Park site and the staff who work here to create a strong talent pool. Approximately 65% of Tenmat’s staff employees, (about 45 people) are graduates predominately mechanical engineers or material scientists. Tenmat recruits graduates directly from university to maintain a constant flow of fresh enthusiastic youth to blend with mature experienced staff many some having more than 30 years of service. This allows Tenmat to adapt to constant changes, development projects, marketing innovation and customer focused projects.”

For a few moments we will enjoy the glory of this award and then get back to work trying to make further improvements, more sales and hopefully winning another award in 2014.”

Tenmat now hope to continue expanding on the characteristics of their already diversified product range – including wear parts, engineering ceramics, high temperature resistant materials and passive fire protection solutions – with the intent to continue as one of the world’s leading companies in differentiated high performance non-metallic engineering materials and components.

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