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MediaCityUK’s ERIS Technology asks “How are you feeling?”

ERIS Technology, a tech startup based in Manchester’s MediaCityUK, has launched a new website, that answers the age old question ‘how are you feeling?

Timed with the release in the UK of Disney Pixar’s Inside Out, a ‘major emotion picture’, the guessmyemotion website analyses uploaded facial images and, using emotional analytic algorithms, determines the emotions that were being felt when the photo was taken.

“We loved the film, with its leading characters ‘The Emotions’; Sadness, Fear, Anger, Disgust and Happiness, depicted by the character Joy. You really get the idea of how the complex interaction of a young girl’s emotions rule her life and behaviour” said Steven Houghton-Burnett, ERIS Technology CEO

ERIS’ Chief Scientific Officer Dr. Clive Chandler explained that “We liked the movie so much that in homage and for fun, we created, demonstrating that biometric sensors are now able to determine the real mix of emotions being felt, emotions that we as humans instinctively recognise, so there’s a touch of anger, some fear, and a bit of sadness may be observed.”

“ERIS takes and analyses the output from multiple biometric sensors, and are able to accurately determine emotional states as they change over say the playing of a video game.”





Disrupting the Video Games Market

ERIS recently moved to Manchester, attracted by the city region’s capabilities in gaming and analytics. They are currently working with MIDAS, Manchester’s inward investment agency, who have already supported their move to The Landing at MediaCityUK.

The company is now perfectly placed to thrive, based in a city region that’s been disrupting technology for over 200 years. Today, the creative and digital industry is growing faster in Manchester than anywhere else in the UK and will play a critical role in the future development of the city region.

ERIS reduce the risk inherent in developing a video games, by reporting on how and what a game player is feeling at an emotional level during their gameplay.

The implications for the $100bn games industry are astounding, according to Steven Houghton Burnett. “We’re predicting a seismic shift in the personalisation of video games, as determined by ERIS’s emotional analytics technology.”

“We look forward to, in fact, we relish the disruption that we’ll bring to the games market, how do you review games when they’ll eventually tune themselves to the emotional state of players, both physical, networked and computer generated, when actual gameplay doesn’t have to repeat itself.”

“ERIS will define new measurement and curation services, providing emotional fingerprints of games and curate and rank games on new measurements and categorizations like the FEAR Index™”.

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