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Microsoft’s Bing opens new Manchester office

Manchester is to welcome another tech giant to the city as Microsoft announce plans to open an office for Bing Ads. Manchester

Bing currently has a 17% share of the search engine market, second only to Google, but is expecting a period of sustained growth following the success of Windows 10. Google have been dominant in the search engine market but Aaron McGrath, sales director at Bing Ads, claims that they are in for the “long haul” in order to challenge Google. Since Bing has become the default search engine for Cortana, the Windows 10 personal assistant, the company has increased focus into improving the quality of results whilst enabling users to perform more natural searches across all devices and services. McGrath said that the new Manchester office considers itself as a “challenger brand” in the search engine market and the environment in Manchester plays into this belief. “One of the things when we came to Manchester is the spirit of challenging,” he added. “We wanted to tap into some of that creativity and innovation and really learn from it. We see as ourselves as a learning organisation and we want to partner with agencies and learn from them.” For more information go to

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